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logo TRANS-PUCH company is performing purchase-sale and processing of the feathers. Raw material we are getting directly from abattoir and from experienced, local cattlemen. In laboratory we examine the kind cleanness of feathers, not only the raw material but also ready product – down. The reason of such examinations is creation of goods with highest quality. The significant part of goods we export to European and Asian companies.

In our offer we have:
  • highest quality white goose down with contents of 80 % - 90 % od down,
  • high quality white goose down so-called Down A1 with contents of 90% of down,
  • white goose down,
  • grey goose down,
  • white and grey goose down (used)
  • white duck down (country)
  • grey duck down (country)
  • white goose feathers
  • grey goose feathers
  • white duck feathers (slaughter)
  • grey duck feathers
  • used feathers.
There is possibility of preparation of products according to individual expectations of our contracting parties with any contents of down.


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